Stephanie Dalfonzo Will Help You Remove The Gunk That’s Holding You Back And Reclaim Your Inner Power

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Steph-Headshot-1Stephanie Dalfonzo is an intuitive healer who helps women reclaim their inner power and achieve the greater success they know they are capable of having, but are not currently doing so.

I help people get unstuck – from that hidden gunk that they don’t even know is holding us back. I am like a master excavator in getting to where that gunk is and helping people get success – not just in business, but in their life in general. Its about living your best life.

Now, an “excavator” may sound like a painful experience to some, but my excavations are gentle – I have a very gentle way of guiding people through it. They help me create a map of their world and I am a master at seeing where they need to go. I myself know what an awful experience you can have – I did with a therapist i saw years ago – it was awful, traumatic and painful and I thought “No – this is NOT the way to heal.” So everything I do is very gentle.

You don’t have to go and dig up every bitty bad thing that has happened to in your life so you can feel good at the end. I don’t want to talk badly about traditional therapy, but you are really talking about looking at things on a conscious, surface level. But when we can get into the SUBconscious, in a very gentle way, we can move things and heal things without having to go over every little thing that happened and re-experience any traumas we may have had – it just not necessary.

I was a hypnotherapist for about 10 years so most of the people I saw came to me to quit smoking, lose weight or for fears and phobias, but I have worked in some very unique situations. One of the most profound experiences I have had as a coach and as a healer was with a young man in his mid-twenties who suffered from Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes manifests itself in different ways and with him he would punch his fists out as if he were punching at someone and yelling – often profanities. But this was an exciting moment for me because when I go with my intuition and plug into the moment, and I get guided as to where we need to go, it was so apparent to me that it was breath work. So I did this breathing process with him, teaching him how to do it – because I want him not only to get benefit when we are working together, but also to empower him to use the techniques on his own so he can continue to get the benefit. And he was able to pause the reactions he was having, and in doing so discovered that he had this hidden power within him that allowed him to have a measure of control and at least pause what had always been an involuntary action.

That was one of the first times where I felt like i was witnessing a miracle. Because I truly believe that each of us has such power deep inside of us, and that it just with most of us, we don’t know how to access it.

Running your own business is probably one of the biggest personal development projects you can undertake. I had one client recently whose hold issue revolved around the feeling of not being worthy. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of people reading this will have some of that stored away deep inside of them. But most people don’t even realize it. I had been working with this client for some time. Its like peeling away the layers of an onion. And then finally we had this epiphany of realizing that it all boiled down to this feeling of not being worthy. Now that she knows what the issue is and we can work to heal it. And now that she doesn’t have that dragging her back I can’t wait to see what difference it makes in her and her business, even within the next couple of months.

Most of these “programs” that running in the background come from when we were very very young. We take on these beliefs without knowing it – whether its from our parents or whatever – but it is like having a malware on a computer, running in the background and which infecting the rest of your computer.

I had the same problem myself for years. I knew I was talented and that what I was doing was good, but I was making the kind of money as others – with what I perceived as having less talent than me – doing a similar thing. But I couldn’t work on my own stuff – I needed to find the right person who could help me to move my gunk out of the way. And a lot of you will be thinking “I’m really good at what I do, but its not being reflected in my checking account.” It may feel scary – like opening a Pandora’s box – but if you don’t tackle it then its going to keep you stuck where you are.

Favorite Books: You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay; You Are The Placebo by Joe Dispenza; Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Favorite Resources: Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay’s inspirational posts on Facebook

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Steph-Headshot-1Guest: Stephanie Dalfonzo – Your Power Breakthrough

Stephanie Dalfonzo, of Your Power Breakthrough, is a sought after Master Intuitive Coach. She guides extraordinary women heal at a very deep level, allowing them to reconnect, return to, and reclaim their full power.

Stephanie’s clients are successful women who know they are meant for much greater success then they are currently experiencing.
Through the process of healing and release, she guides them to reconnect to their own power.

As a result, her clients easily grow their income beyond their limits and expectations, in record time and live a life of passion, joy and enthusiasm.
To experience Stephanie’s amazing approach, and get your FREE audio download, visit

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