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Today we are interviewing Priscilla Stephan of Sweet Path Wellness. Priscilla is a health and business coach who helps women embrace their undeniable magnificence to tap into their own spiritual wisdom and use fierce self-love to build powerhouse businesses, fulfilling lives, and nourishing habits from the inside out. She talks about the first steps that you can take to add more self-care and self-love to your life and your business.

Meredith:  Priscilla, you help people with soulful businesses. Can you tell us your story and how you got started with your business?

Priscilla:  Yes. I got started in my business three-and-a-half years ago, not necessarily helping people create soulful businesses in a body they love, but just helping women with the infinite yo-yo dieting syndrome as someone who struggled with dieting for most of my life — 25 years’ worth. I really wanted to heal my body story and I realized that was something I actually wanted to help other people do as well. So I went to a nutrition school and became a holistic health coach.

But I’ve always had a love for business and entrepreneurship and the possibilities that could create, so even as I was helping people lose weight, I found that I was really helping people create lives that they loved. For many of them, that meant starting a business or changing careers, and it led me to realize that you can’t really be healthy by doing work that you hate, because you have to have a passionate life. I
would help some friends with business ideas or suggestions. I was also helping people lose weight, women in particular, and so it was the body and the mind.

Then, once I came upon the soul component which is with the Akashic Records — which I’m happy to explain a little bit about later — I realized that what I loved to do was help women find their soul’s purpose. You know, that deep meaning and passion so that they could live it and also so they could do it in a body that they loved. I think the body is the key vessel for our mission in this lifetime and so it is important to nurture ourselves: mind, body, and spirit, as we are fueling our passion which is our purpose. It took me 36 years to find what my purpose was after three drastic career changes.

I knew how painful it was to wonder “Will I ever figure out what to do when I grow up?” I did, but it took a journey. So today I help women work in their Akashic Records to heal the blocks that are stopping them from living their soul’s purpose and also to have clarity around what that purpose is and how to live it in the most authentic, aligned, beautiful way for them without sacrificing their health or their sanity in the process. Does that make sense?

Jasper:  Absolutely. That is something that everybody feels. I know based on my own experience that it has certainly taken me the better part of 50 years and a very interesting and long journey in terms of finding what I think I should be doing… and I think I have.

Meredith:  So what do you think comes first? Do you think that somebody needs to work on their health, or do they need to work on their business, or is it the sort of thing that can be done together with one reinforcing the other?

Priscilla:  For most of us, we come to the issue of dealing with ourselves and our business based on the biggest pain point. Some people come to me with insomnia, anxiety, chronic digestive problems, can’t lose weight, stressed out. For them, it shows up more in a physical way because the body never lies. So for some people, it will show up as physical disease. For others, they are not moving along in their business, are unhappy and unfulfilled, and they’re like, “What the hell, this is not what I signed up for.” Then we incorporate the health aspect.

To be honest, Meredith, it really depends. I mean, I live in the wellness space and the wellness is now the back door or an umbrella. When you’re doing work that you love, then you will feel well, and if you are not well, then let’s look at this soul purpose thing and your passion thing to figure it out. But one thing I tell people, even from the days of being a strict health coach, is that your health and your business are mirrors of one another, so it is still you — you are still the common
denominator. No matter where you start, I think it will ultimately get you to examine the other aspect, because how you do your business is probably how you do your health in some ways. I guess it just depends which button is pushed more severely for some people than others.

Meredith:  I can say personally that about a month ago, I went to a fitness camp and got some really good instruction, a really simple way to make sure that things were taken care of. Basically, here is how you do your nutrition, here are some good exercises to do. And I can say since I’ve been doing that, I have had a lot more focus and feel like I’m doing 1,000% better. So it doesn’t matter whether or not I actually lose a pound, because I feel so much better and I know I am checking off the boxes and taking care of it in a way that needs to happen. And it’s working for me because I’m feeling better.

Jasper:  Priscilla, you were going to explain more about the Akashic Records and what they are, because it is really and interesting aspect of what you do, and also how you use those to help people find that soul purpose.

Priscilla:  Yes, it definitely is. And if I may make a quick comment about what Meredith said, I always tell my clients to do more of what feels good and what feels good isn’t just what feels good in the moment, meaning eating a whole box of chocolates if you are having anxiety.

Rather, it’s doing something that feels good in the moment and after the moment has passed, right? That is true pleasure, a healthy pleasure, and the more we do more of what feels good, that feels expansive and supports us in our bigger mission. And what supports us in our bigger mission is being a true vessel that is healthy, productive, creative, clear-minded. That means taking care of our bodies, not to lose weight for any particular reason, although that is good, but really so that we become the best possible vessel for the work that we are meant to be doing today. When we care for our bodies, our bodies love us back, right?

That being said, I want to address the concept of the Akashic Records. Let’s see if I can explain it in a short way. I personally came across the Akashic Records three years ago when I wanted to heal at a soul level around some trauma that I had experienced in my childhood. While I had never heard of this before, I just resonated with it. I always tell people, you may not always know exactly what a modality is, but if you stay open and allow your soul to lean into what it knows to be the right next step for you in your healing journey, then just say yes to it, because I signed up with my teacher and then coach at that time and I had no idea what the Akashic Records were. I had no idea what I was signing up for. But it profoundly and forever changed my life, not only on a personal level but on a career level, too, because I realized this was the missing piece. The Akashic Records was the soul piece that was missing in the mind-body-soul approach that I now offer clients.

The way I describe the Akashic Records is it is your soul’s blueprint, your divine essence. And everything your soul has experienced through every lifetime including this one has been recorded in a massive ethereal library called your Akashic Records, so this is a sacred space of truth and love and healing where you can heal issues through old dimensions, planes, times, levels of consciousness down to your cellular memory. It is very powerful and very beautiful experience.

What happens during a reading is that someone who is a certified reader, such as myself, will get your permission to open your records. As we do that, I see, hear, and feel things and the client will ask specific questions about anything they need support around, such as business, career, health. The records are limitlessness. (I don’t just do readings for people’s romantic lives because I don’t think that is my calling.)

Then I will simply convey and channel the guidance that comes in from your guides to you. It is a space of love and truth, so there is no judgment. But it is truth, so it means it will tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. It is really designed to help you align with your soul’s purpose and to learn the lessons you are meant to learn as a soul. It isn’t meant to be predictive or psychic, but it will provide you guidance and clarity and healing based on how open you are to receive it. Also keep in mind that free will and choice is always at play and you always have the choice to take on what they are
giving you advice on, or simply throw it out and do your own thing.


Priscilla Stephan’s Top Tips for building a soulful business in a body you love (and that doesn’t mean a perfect body, just one that supports your life, because your body is your biggest ally in your life).

1) Trust that you will figure it out. And that you know more than you think you know.
It all starts with alignment – what are your values – what is your truth? Build your business around what works for you – there is no cookie-cutter answer.

2) Confidence. And confidence comes from really owning your value and knowing your worth. And that takes getting clear of your limiting beliefs – and we all have them.

3) Energy. Everything is energy – money is energy. Our energy has an effect on others. Energy has two parts – there’s physical energy that involves self-care, like eating well, resting, drinking water, moving your body – moving is so important because it moves energy through your body and removes the stickiness and the blocks of energy. The second is coming from an energetic place of abundance. So you want to make sure that when you turn up to a networking event or tele-class, for example, that you come from a place that everything will be okay, and that you come from a place of service – as opposed to one of taking and grasping and desperateness. And also from a place of love – because from any moment we can vacillate between love and fear, and love attracts and fear repels.

Priscilla StephanGuest – Priscilla Stephan – Sweet Path Wellness


I had a long struggle with food, from the age of 13, where having a thin body was the gateway to feeling loveable and good enough.
It took me a long time to understand the concept of eating as a pleasure and a joy, and that calories and fats were not the enemy.
I had to rebuild, from scratch.
This required a lot of deep, soul-centered work as I reconnected with my emotional self, and intuitive wisdom that brought me to a huge realization: Everything I’d ever needed to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled had always been within me, waiting to be found.
Out of this epiphany, my souls’ call to help others on the same road I was, my wellness coaching business was born.
But my journey wasn’t over yet.
The coaching work and the nutrition knowledge I’d obtained were great – but I needed more.
In 2012, on my path to doing deeper, soul-level healing work, I experienced my first Akashic Records session. It sparked a breakthrough like nothing I’d ever experienced.
The shifts it created in myself and the path of my business were so powerful, I became an Akashic Records Reader soon after.
Nowadays, I work with high-powered professional women to reclaim their powerful, confident, sexy and energetic selves that support their businesses success.

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