PR & Marketing Coach, Shannon Cherry, Shows How Even New Businesses Can Get Noticed

finalShannon Cherry of helps businesses get noticed. Having been the youngest TV anchor back in the day, Shannon has an extensive background in marketing and public relations. She has developed an ability to see through the clutter and really help businesses connect with their markets, build their brands, and in our interview with her she gives a lot of great tips on how businesses can get noticed, even if they are just starting out and don’t have a whole lot of money.

A lot of people know me for my “cherry bombs”, which I call my advocacy pieces. I have a very strict point of view – I don’t like people being hurt or manipulated in their businesses and I write a lot of blog posts exposing the darker side of the coaching/consulting business. Some people know me as this big red-headed, sometimes offensive, loud-mouth who tells it like it is.

Some people know me as the person who got three people on the Oprah winfrey show, because I run a public relations firm. Or they know me because I help businesses get sponsors. so it depends on who you ask!

I’m kind of happy that I’m so diverse. Everything I have done has become part of what I do now. I was the youngest television anchor in the country at the time (some 25 years ago), while I was still in college. It evolved into a public relations career where I started by working for other PR firms and eventually started my own PR firm – and then it evolved into this coaching/consulting for small businesses, because I saw a need by small businesses who couldn’t afford to hire these big PR firms and, from my experience as a reporter, it was the small businesses that were doing all the work and really making a difference in their communities. I wanted to find a way for small businesses to get PR on their own, and that is where my career really started.

It evolved because a lot of the small businesses I was working with weren’t ready for PR and I was getting requests for a lot of other things. I had a client that wanted to get in the New York Times, and we did that – the problem was that I had advised her that she needed a special URL to get optins for this particular piece, but she refused to do that and what ended up happening was that she got 300K hits from this New York Times article and only about 6 or 7000 people opted in. For me, your list is so important for growing your businesses, I realized I had to start teaching people more than just about getting PR. You can pay thousands of dollars for PR but if it doesn’t convert then what is it worth?

I started my business as a virtual PR firm because I don’t like being tied to an office. I like to walk around barefoot and its great to be able to do that. There was no social media back then, and websites were little more than online brochures. The internet has changed so much. Now 80% of the news that goes onto shows like TODAY are based on what is going on in social media. The basics in marketing will always be the same – its the medium that may change. But how it converts for you is the most important thing, and that’s now the basis of everything I teach. Because people engage more in their buying process than they ever did before – so getting a piece in the New York Times is not enough in itself to get you sales.

Favorite Book: The Tree Grows in Brooklyn – its a fictional book about a young girl who learns to survive in a time that was really difficult to do so – in post First World War One America. Its about setting a goal for yourself and just persevering.

Favorite Resource: Signals – it tells you when people open your individual emails. So if you see they haven’t opened your email you can follow up in a different way.

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finalGuest: Shannon Cherry –

Life and business on YOUR OWN TERMS… Isn’t that what we all want?
Chances are you are working work far too hard for too little income and according to our speaker Shannon Cherry, that has to stop RIGHT NOW!
All you have to do is find the ‘money trees in your business forest.’ And that’s where Shannon comes in. Her background as a PR and marketing pro, as well as a TV reporter and anchor, combined with a unique ability to see through the clutter, gives her the expertise to help you connect with your market, grow your brand, and make more money without adding more time.
For more than 20 years, she has helped businesses increase their traffic, fill seats in programs and get more profits. She founded her business,, in 2002 to help experienced and ambitious, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants create and grow the business they desire– without compromising on their sincerity and principles.
An award-winning publicist and published author of four books – three of which are Amazon bestsellers, Shannon was named BusinessWeek’s top 60 business bloggers in the world & top 30 PR bloggers, as well as Fast Company’s top 101 women to watch in social media.

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