Lynn Ruby Teaches YOU to Utilize the Massive Power of Video Content

We all know the saying “A picture paints a thousand words.” But did you know that just ONE minute of video is worth 1.8 MILLION words of text? We talk to Lynn Ruby of who gives her best advice on how businesses or entrepreneurs can get started in creating this invaluable marketing content using video – and without spending a fortune to do it. If you are not using video in your business yet, then this is for you!

lynn-ruby-head-shot-2013I love to help business owners learn how to do video on their own, so they can create good looking and effective content on video without having to take a whole lot of time. There is a learning curve to it, for sure. So I created a 5 step process for creating video.

There is no doubt that the capabilities of creating video have changed enormously over the last 5 years or so – and that wider availability can mean the creation of some great content – or some really horrible content – and I have seen both.

There was a study that was done by Forrester Research that showed that One minute of video was worth 1.8 MILLION words of text! If I wrote one typical blog post of about 500 words a day – and I wrote for 365 days a year – it would take me 9.9 YEARS to write that much text. So, to me, investing the time upfront to learn how to do video correctly is worth the effort in order to have the massive impact you can have with 60 seconds of video.

There is certainly a place for hiring a profession to do certain types of video, but if you can do it yourself there are a whole lot of advantages – it is a lot quicker to do, you can convey your own authenticity much better, without having to appear too professional or slick, and it is much cheaper to do it yourself, even if you take the equipment costs into account.

In fact, my advice is to NEVER go out and buy a new piece of equipment when you are first starting out with video – because what happens is you get all wrapped up in learning the new equipment rather than focusing on your message, which is the most important aspect of your video.

I see the power of video every time I go to a networking event because several people will come up to me, they have seen one or more of my videos, and they already have started to get to know me, they like me, and they have started to trust me. So the whole “people won’t buy from you until they know, like and trust you,” – well I’ve already sped through two and half of those even though the person has never met me before.

In terms of content development, everyone has their area of expertise and could give you a hundred tips that relate to that expertise. So that’s a great place to start for video content – create a series of tips – keep them short, and relate each tip as though you were sitting opposite a client and telling them your particular piece of expert advice. For marketing type videos you have about 3 seconds to capture their attention so get straight into the meat of what you are telling, then try to keep it to 2 minutes, 90 seconds – even 60 seconds, I love those. People are not going to watch a series of hour long videos unless they already know you and really want that depth of content.

Favorite Book:  Youtube and Video Marketing – A Hour a Day by Greg Jarboe
How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck by  Steve Stockman

Want to get a free audiobook version of the book recommended by this week’s guest?  Click here to download it.


Favorite Resource:  and

lynn-ruby-head-shot-2013Guest: Lynn Ruby – Ruby Marketing Systems

Lynn Ruby delivers dynamic, interactive, information-packed presentations designed to transform the way participants think about using video to market their business. Her presentations engage, motivate and provide actionable information for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to use the power of video effectively, affordably and efficiently.

Lynn brings extensive experience to her presentations. She has been an entrepreneur for over 6 years with a 25 year background in corporate marketing including real estate, law and accounting, retail, B2B, business development and training. Coupled with a lifetime practice and passion for speaking, singing and performing on stage, Lynn knows how to transform participants from camera-shy to video stars.

Lynn is passionate about helping businesses learn how to use video to super-charge their marketing results in a doable, affordable, repeatable step-by-step system.
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