Lynn Rekvig On Using EFT To Get Unstuck

Our guest today is Lynn Rekvig of Optimal Outcomes RX. Lynn helps people get unstuck, and what’s interesting is how she does it. She uses a technique called EFT, which is the Emotional Freedom Technique, a combination of acupressure and psychology, a methodology I’d not been familiar with previously. It’s an amazing way of getting people unstuck and on their way in their businesses.

Jasper:  It’s a really important interview from our perspective, purely because most of the people we’re trying to reach are stuck in some way, especially in terms of their work. And it’s really important that there is somebody out there who can help them get unstuck and find what it is that will give them that purposeful and passionate life. So good for Lynn!

In order to get to that place where you could help other people, Lynn, you really came to a position where you were very stuck yourself, and then it was a major change and turning point in your life. Tell us a bit about what happened and how you got to what you’re doing now.

Lynn:  Thank you, Jasper. My background is in nursing, and I was in a nursing administration-type of position. I had a lot of responsibilities, but a lot of things around my life started to fall apart to the point that eventually I was not able to do my work anymore and I was completely debilitated from a lot of the stress I was experiencing. This was a number of years ago. But what I realize now in looking back, if I had known then what I know now in terms of so many different ways that we can work on deeper levels to help us get unstuck to relieve stress and change our lives, I think I would have had a much shorter path to getting to where I am today.

Meredith: How did you first know that you were stuck? Or was it one of those things that all this stuff started to happen and then in hindsight you’re like, “Oh, it was because I was stuck”?

Lynn:  Well, I had so many things happen in close proximity. It goes like this. My father died. Four months later my brother had a massive stroke, and he did survive, but barely. Two months after that my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Then four months after that my sister was diagnosed with a very bad case of ovarian cancer. And at the time my daughter wasn’t going to school and was depressed, and my marriage was falling apart. All of this was happening in such a close proximity, and then I started to have some car accidents – nothing like where I was completely laid up in the hospital, but bad neck injuries, whiplash, things like that. That eventually slowed me down to the point that I couldn’t work because of the chronic pain, and it became debilitating.

Jasper:  It often happens like that, doesn’t it? When you need to slow down but you don’t know it yourself, so it’s almost like it’s forced upon you.

Lynn:  Exactly. Then one day at work — I didn’t know why — I started crying at my desk. I was supposed to be at an important meeting and I just couldn’t go. And I realized it was the one-year anniversary after my father had died and all of these other things that happened that it just sort of stopped me.  And I was also struggling with all this pain. It was kind of like, “Oh boy, I can’t.” I was really not able to function.

Jasper:  That’s a lot to cope with all at once. So how did you get yourself back to the place where you could even start thinking about what was going to come next?

Lynn:  Well, it was kind of like I had a whole team of people. I threw whatever I could at the wall that would stick and would help me — acupuncture, massage therapy, traditional therapy — so many different things. It really did take a long time, but then the big change happened three years ago when I met Carol Look and started to work with her, and I was so amazed at how much could change in such a short period of time working with her.

Carol is one of the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) masters in the world, which a lot of people know about but a lot of people haven’t heard about. It’s a combination of acupressure and Western psychology, and it’s phenomenal how it can  help clear up problems really quickly. I was so impressed with the work as it really had created some major shifts in my life. That’s when I actually started to study with her, and now I’ve become one of her coaches.

Meredith:  So what kind of people are coming to you now for help with their stuckness, and what would you do for them to help them get unstuck?

Lynn:  Well, people come for all different kinds of reasons and from all different walks of life. It’s really interesting. Basically, I’m working in collaboration with Carol. She has people from all over the world coming to her. One example is an attorney that I’ve been working with from the U.S. who was really struggling with his business. It sounds really strange, as this is coming from a nurse with a Master’s of Business Administration, but we ended up using this combination of acupressure and psychology to completely shift his business around. He was really unhappy. He was struggling. His income had dropped so much. Now, things have completely shifted. It’s because of the energy shift. Also, the work really starts to go to a subconscious level or to the “big brain”, so to speak, in shifting what our ideas and thoughts are in combination of using acupressure to clear the meridian pathways. There’s also talking through the problems. So it’s a pretty phenomenal tool, and that’s just one example.

Meredith:  Do you do this with people in person, or virtually, or both?

Lynn:  I do both. Most of the time though I work through Skype or Facetime, and even the telephone is fine once people have learned the different points to use, but it can be done in person, too. The wonderful thing about Skype is that you can reach people all over the world.


Favorite Book:  Help, Thanks, Wow – The Three Most Important Prayers by Anne Lamott

Favorite Resource:  SquareSpace

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Lynn RekvigGuest – Lyn Rekvig, Optimal Outcomes Rx

I help people who are feeling stuck, find ways to move forward and begin creating a life by design instead of by default. As one of Carol Look’s advanced certified coaches, I work with clients from all over the world and help them breakthrough whatever is holding them back from achieving their goals. My professional background is in healthcare administration as a registered nurse with an MBA.


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