Leaving Corporate America – Defining Moments in the Evolution of Dana D’Orsi

Headshot_web-versionWe interview Dana D’Orsi who was in corporate America for about 8 years, never considering becoming an entrepreneur. She worked in PR and marketing for a Fortune 500 company, and when she started there the economy was booming, they were under a fantastic leadership, there was lots of opportunities for growth and advancement, and for Dana she was working with some very talented people and it was just a great place to be.

And then the economy downturn hit and everything shifted for her. She was lucky in that she survived four rounds of corporate layoffs, but the last two years were really difficult. She watched talented colleagues being let go, people who had worked so hard and given their all to the company, and then one day it was all taken away from them, and it started her thinking. Maybe if she was going to give her all to something, maybe it would be better if it was hers and something no-one could take away from her.

So I started to think about starting my own business then, but my first child was young, I was pregnant with my second and I didn’t want to make any sudden moves at that time. then everything shifted again in the summer of 2011 when my dad passed away. I was fortunate that in those final weeks I was able to spend a lot of time with him, and it was a time of deep reflection for me. I thought, when this happens to me what sort of legacy do I want to be leaving. What am I here for? And while I was very good at what i did for corporate I realized that it wasn’t what I was put on this earth to do.

While my corporate background was in marketing, my academic background was in psychology. At the time i graduated from college I had heard about coaching, but at the time I though “who would pay someone to do coaching – that’s not a practical career – i need to go a more practical route. But now I started to look back at that and see what other coaches were achieving, and I decided that I would go back to school, this time for coaching, so that month I enrolled in a course at CoachU.

I actually started taking on private clients, even while I was still working, because people at work could see the difference and were asking “Why are you so happy?” and “Can you coach me?”, so that’s how I got started. I was really enjoying what I was doing. I’ve heard coaching defined as ‘Helping other people with the lives of their dreams’, and I thought what’s better than doing that!

Really, as I had worked through my own struggles with what is really my passion, so I started coaching career women who were going through a similar experience. I knew from my corporate experience that when I started my business I really need to immerse myself in marketing. But marketing for a small business is a very different focus to that of a Fortune 500 company, so I spent some time learning about relationship marketing and internet marketing and social media, and all these tools that are available to you, especially just starting out and on a low budget

As I started to network people would say to me “I see you just started out in business and you are doing all this stuff and you have all these clients, how did that happen?” So I started teaching them what I was doing. I kind of had these two different paths – the career and life coaching, and the small business marketing coaching. And about 6 to 9 months in I realized that what I really like to do was work with entrepreneurs who have a passion and a mission and help them get that out into the world.

So I shifted then into the business marketing. but I was enjoying it so much I was working all the time. In the end my husband had to have an intervention with me – he said, “Dana, normal people don’t take their computers into the bathroom.” So I really needed to find ways to leverage what I was doing and so I immersed myself into learning how to be much more productive in what i was doing. And so I started teaching that to other people.

I love teaching and the whole process has been an evolutionary one for me, where I learn and grow and can then pass that on to others. We all have these defining moments in our lives, and I think they are there for a purpose, so that we can learn from them and then pass that learning on to others. Where you start is to understand what you want you life to look like.

Favorite Book:  The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

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Favorite Resource: GoDaddy Book-keeping (Outright)

Headshot_web-versionGuest: Dana D’Orsi – Dana D’Orsi International


Dana D’Orsi is a small business marketing and productivity expert, and the creator of the “Skyrocket Your Success” System™ and the “Build Your Six-Figure Business” Blueprint™.

Her passion is helping women entrepreneurs build six-figure businesses (and beyond!) doing what they love, while working 30 hours a week or less. Through private coaching, group training and self-study programs, she teaches her clients how to leverage powerful marketing strategies, efficient business systems and proven success principles so they can attract more clients and make more money—all while enjoying an abundance of time, peace, freedom & FUN!

Dana’s expertise has been featured on USAToday.com, Solo-E.com, iTunes,Today’s Innovative Woman, CEO Blog Nation, Small Businesses Do It Better, Business Among Moms, FrontBurnerMama Magazine, Happier Healthier Women Magazine, the Rhode Island Small Business Journal, Word of Mom Radio and Patricia Raskin’s Positive Business Radio Show. She was also ranked as one of Startup Nation’s Top 100 Leading Moms in Business.

To learn more about Dana and grab her free report, “9 Simple Secrets to Building a Thriving Business,” visit BuildYourSixFigureBusiness.com.

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