Kimberley Simon Helps Entrepreneurs Find Peace in the Storm

KS_coachWe interview Kimberley Simon who is really best known for helping people find peace in the storm. She helps people to really dig into themselves, to find the next step, find clarity, and disengage from the drama and chaos.  What she does works in both the business and personal areas – in fact, you can’t really separate them. The professional is very personal. You are sharing yourself – much more so now than how it was in the old business paradigm where the corporate facade was everything.

Kimberley: It takes a while too understand who you are and what you are here for. I sometimes think “Really? I signed up for this?” Because it is challenging. We bought imposed messages – we are trying to be like all these others who have succeeded. The adventure of entrepreneurship and heart-centered work is in the inner exploration – that’s where the fire comes from. It almost seems backward to the way we were taught to do business.

As an entrepreneur, you are always coming to what I call new “edges” – and you are going to get poked by a challenge or a glitch – you can even end up terrified, or paralyzed, because of uncertainty. But as you learn to get those messages from the true power within, you learn to see the synchronicities, the opportunities, and the freedoms that come with being an entrepreneur. Its a journey – its a process – so much is tied up with our pasts. It takes a deep trust in yourself, and doing things that may not always seem logical.

Meredith: If you are not where you need to be, then your business cannot be where it needs to be.

Kimberley: The key is to start where you are at – don’t give up – and if you need help get the support that you need. There’s always a next step – there’s always an action to take. Once you get going you’ll find that it takes on a momentum of its own. Everything which no longer supports us – which we have carried within (and denied), we are recognizing it, acknowledging it, dissolving what is really not in alignment with who we really are, and moving forward. Its not easy to do that on your own.

Some people recommend you being on every social site – do one you enjoy doing – hone that down and then do another one – if you like taking photos, then be on something like Instagram that will showcase that; if you don’t like writing blog posts then you may be better off doing audio or video – it depends how you like to share. Look at what supports you and what you enjoy – then you can stretch into the scarier places, where you have to do things that you are not used to.

If you try to do it all – its like you are leaking power.

Jasper: If you could go back in time to when you were first starting out, what would you tell yourself knowing what you know now?

Kimberley: I would tell myself, share yourself all along the way. Don’t wait until you have got that new certificate, or study more – start now, wherever you are at, and just share in whatever way you are inspired to do so. If you hold back on that, the people who are waiting for you can’t find you.

Also, when you are scared – and by that I mean afraid to move out of your comfort zone – because even if you don’t like your comfort zone it is familiar, you can manage it – you are moving into new territory that there is no map for – particularly when it is deeply personal and you are moving into your core power. So know that there is no map. Stay calm, don’t get overwhelmed – and just focus on the next step.

Favorite book: Jab Jab Jab – Right Hook: How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World by Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Kimberley SimonGuest: Kimberley Simon

Kimberley Simon is empowering a new era of life adventure… Transforming your human experience to generate boundless freedom and daring possibility. As a Wisdom Guide & Catalyst for Creative Emergence, she guides you into the depths of what is asking to be unleashed – activating your passion and reclaiming your purpose, core power and genuine creativity with courage, clarity and confidence unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Kimberley holds a space of deep listening and compassionate witness, while summoning the energetic realms of psyche and spirit through powerful archetypal interfaces that guides the truth of who you really are into embodiment, so you can take responsibility for conscious choices in your life from the center of your heart and soul. From the depth of your heart, you can serve and thrive! The professional is VERY personal! Kimberley’s teachings will have you leaping into an atmosphere of everyday miracles, to know that your radiance knows no bounds.

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