Jeet Banerjee Soon Discovered a ‘Job’ Wasn’t For Him – So He Became A Serial Entrepreneur & Is Now Giving Back

Jeet BanerjeeI am really know for being a serial entrepreneur. How I ended up there, my parents really wanted me to learn the value of a dollar pretty early on, so when I was fifteen I was sent out to work. From the age of fifteen to seventeen I had about twelve different jobs – sales, telemarketing, coaching, tutoring, a lot of basic type jobs – and I was either getting fired or quit after about a month at each of these jobs. That’s sort of when I realized that this whole idea of a “job” was just not for me.

I decided to give entrepreneurship a try. The first business I started was called JB Media Force where we did online marketing, web development and mobile applications for businesses. Because I didn’t really know anything about running a business at that time I ran into many obstacles. But I quickly learned as I went along and by the end of the first year or so we had 15 employees , and I kept that business for two years before selling it – so it was a good start.

I started that business because I wanted to do something I was both passionate about and knew a lot about. I’d always been doing a lot online and one of my jobs was project managing for a web development firm, so I got a lot of insight into what it was all about. Even though i had a lot of ideas for businesses it was this one that I felt that I was ready get going on that straight away.

The thing I liked about the entrepreneur community was that all these people who were successful and knew how to do things weren’t at all arrogant or stuck up and saying “I don’t have any time for you,” or anything like that. If I had a question they would go above and beyond to help me out. And there was a plethora of information and resources available. So when I started to have success and find out things on my own I felt almost compelled to contribute something back, because I knew there would be a new generation of entrepreneurs with questions that I might have the answers to. Its that Pay It Forward model that I really like.

It has given me the opportunity to more speaking and consulting work, and though it is something I very much do on the side, I can certainly see myself doing more of that in the future.

Favorite Book: Millionaire Fast Lane by MJ De Marco

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Favorite Resource: University Professors – because they will survey students of relevant subjects for information you need for your business.

Serial Entrepreneur, Jeet Banerjee’s Top Tips To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jeet BanerjeeJeet Banerjee – 
Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Expert, Marketing Consultant, College Student, Author, and Blogger.

Age: 21
Passion: Solving problems in the world with unique solutions
Quote I Live By: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

My current project is StatFuse, an innovative idea to help high school students. I have also published books, courses and other online material to share my expertise through.

Currently, I’m working on numerous other business ideas that will launch in the near future. In addition to this, I speak at conferences around the nation hoping to inspire, engage, and inform others from my experiences. Most recently, I have taken positions on the boards of many startups as a consultant while I work with businesses of all sizes to provide value through my consultation services. I also give back to the community in every way possible and love to help other aspiring entrepreneurs!

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