How to Heal Your Business by Healing Yourself with Dr. Matt Mannino

Today we’re privileged to interview Dr. Matt Mannino of What’s interesting about Matt’s story is he was a young chiropractic student just out of chiropractor school, and he was faced with starting a business with $80,000 in debt. He just wasn’t sure where to start or what to do, so he really thought about it. He thought about what he had learned as a chiropractor, that healing happens from within and it’s about creating the systems. He used those same principles and created his business. He calls that system Quantum Emergence. Using that system, he grew his chiropractic practice into one of the biggest in the nation. He was seeing over 1,000 patients and was a millionaire by the time he was 30. In our interview today, he goes over that system with us and tells you how to begin on the road to creating what you want in your life.

Meredith: Matt, you were a new chiropractor. You had $80,000 in debt. And then, all of a sudden, you’re expected to start a practice. How did that work for you?

Matt:  Massive overwhelm and fear and stress. Combined with that, I had borrowed money from some family members that was their last dime and the banks and everybody else just laughed at me. So it was not only “I’m in debt,” but “now I’m in debt to my family because of the startup.” My internal struggle or challenge forced me to look at it a different way. That opportunity said, “Okay, I’ve spent all of this time and money learning about these principles of healing and the magic and the power that’s within every human being to self-heal and self-repair and regenerate.” So I thought, “You know, maybe there’s more to this power than just health. And maybe this power can be directed to produce wealth,”and that’s what I did. I accessed some inner gifts.

People talk about inner cores and values and strengths, that these are all tangible gift sets that really relate to prosperity and abundance in the real world. It’s like when we bring value to the table, the principle says we get that back. That’s essentially the only thing I had to rely on because I really trusted that this principle of healing comes from the inside. I just forced it onto myself with, “Okay, maybe my success and prosperity and happiness also comes from the inside,” and that’s what I really put to it the test and to the challenge. Three years later, I had one of the top chiropractic practices in the country, if not the world — a multi-million dollar practice with thousands of patients. No real special skill or talent or degree got me there but just accessing that inner strength and those universal principles.

Meredith:  You made this discovery in your brain. The thought came to you, and you said, “You know, I’ve learned all this really amazing stuff through my chiropractic medical studies, and I think it applies to everything.” So what was your first test step towards making all this stuff happen for you?

Matt:  Great question, Meredith. The first application was that all the things I just mentioned, these values and core strengths and gifts, are of an intangible level. However, what we learned through school is that the nervous system bridges the gap between the supernatural or the spirit man and the human man, the supernatural and the natural, the physical. I’m like, “Well, it probably does the same thing in these other areas,” so the translation was what really excites me. “What am I really passionate about? What would it mean?” This is the key question. When we talk about
conscious and subconscious mind, the only thing the subconscious mind really thinks about is you. People say, “Oh, you’ve got all of these beliefs.” No, you don’t. You only have one belief, and that is “What do I believe about me?” Period, end of story. It keeps it real simple.

When we talk about personal growth and personal transformation, and that’s simply translated to “What would it mean about me if I had all these patients and all this money and this success?” Those are the answers and the information that the subconscious begins to reveal. At the end of the day, that principle can be applied to any area of life, whether it’s relationships, business… It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re engaging the subconscious in that question, “What does this mean about me? How does this identify me?” then you’re working the head and the heart together. So those were the questions that I asked. The head wants, “How should I market? How should I promote? How should I close the deal? How should I advertise?” That’s what we call surface-world approach. The deeper or inner-world approach says, again, one question: “What does this mean about me? How does this define who I am and what’s possible for my life?” Bringing those two together is our system of success.

Jasper:  How do you translate those questions into action?

Matt:  Another great question. It begins to connect with what really excites me. If we’re talking about the practice back in that stage,  it was “What really excites me about interacting with my patients? Is it the adjustment? Is it the consultation? Is it finding out their problem?” Maybe it’s setting up systems in the practice. Maybe it’s coaching my staff. How many different aspects are we involved with day-to-day in the surface realm with our businesses that, again, the subconscious has no clue what those things are? That’s the other distinction: even though it has a driving motivating force, it doesn’t know who your staff is. It doesn’t know what money is. It doesn’t know relationships, kids, spouse, government, nothing, although it’s the driving force behind everything. This is the irony of this work.

The key was my heart already knew what it really was excited about, and I had to listen to that and get connected with it. For me, in that area, it was really the excitement of helping people. And it’s the exact same excitement and passion I have with personal development — helping people who have done everything, tried everything, and it has all failed. They’ve listened to the doctors. They’ve done this, done that, and it’s still not working. For me, the magic and the excitement in the business was when I helped them discover that answer. It’s the same thing in personal
development. I love working with people who’ve done the EFT and NLP and visualization, affirmation, meditation, and it still doesn’t work. We love helping those people find breakthrough and what was really the missing link. So it’s connecting with the very simple part, the passion, the excitement, and bringing that to an action step or tangible procedure within the business.

Favorite Book: The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

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Guest – Dr. Matt Mannino – Quantum Emergence

Using the principles he now teaches, Dr. Matt Mannino built one of the largest solo Chiropractic practices in the nation seeing 1,000 patients per week and was a millionaire by the age of 30. He is the founder of Source Trainings, LLC, a faith and neuroscience based personal achievement company. Dr. Matt combines a unique blend of the science of success and the supernatural laws that govern it. Through accelerated learning techniques and high impact experiential presentations, Dr. Matt empowers his participants to truly transform their lives in addition to gaining new understanding of the unseen dimension and its impact in their daily lives.

As an industry leader and an expert in the neurosciences, Dr. Matt has taken his system of personal transformation into businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations nationwide serving all levels of entrepreneurs. His seminars, keynotes and products are designed and created to maximize learning and bridge the gap between intangible theories and down to earth “how to” applications. As a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating several million dollar businesses, Dr. Matt believes that every human being has been created with divine potential and abilities and the goal of Source Trainings, LLC is to help people discover and apply this truth. Over the past 20 years he has helped thousands of people reach a greater level of health, wealth and life fulfillment.

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