Heather Strang Shows You How To Find Your Bliss

Today’s guest is Heather Strang, who has a very different take on life that came about because of a severe illness she had. None of the traditional modalities were working to really help it, so she went to Brazil and underwent psychic surgery. Doing that really changed her whole outlook and perspective on life. If you came to this life and you’re surrounded by the people you’re surrounded with, then there is a reason for that. It’s part of who you are.  She shares some great information about how to find your passion from within you and how to look for signs that you’re on the right path. Heather, you help people do all kinds of amazing things, like finding their spiritual selves and really getting what they want through spirituality.

Meredith: How did you get into that line of work?

Heather:  It was a very interesting journey that got me there, Meredith. I’ve always considered myself a pretty headstrong, stubborn person, so there were quite a few points where I had to come up against a wall. For me, it was a health crisis that really got me onto a totally different path than I was on. I’d worked in marketing and PR and was a freelance journalist. I kept feeling this call for something more, but I didn’t quite understand what it was. Then I ended up getting really sick, and none of the traditional methods were working, not even the acupuncture and naturopathic.

I ended up going to Brazil to see John of God and received a psychic surgery, something I’d never heard about and was mildly afraid of. But I just had this knowing inside of me that if I really wanted to get better, I was going to have to do something radical. Synchronistically, I met a woman, and the minute she said “John of God,” something within me said, “You’ve gotta go.” And I went. Within two weeks of receiving a psychic surgery, all of my symptomology cleared up. I gained back all of my weight and returned to my normal, healthy self. My life has never been the same since, and that was 7 years ago.

What happened from there is that I suddenly now had the knowledge that there is so much more happening in life than the 3-D reality. I believed that if I worked hard and built my business as a freelance writer, I would maybe get by. I was still really living paycheck to paycheck according to my clients and the contracts I had. I believed that if you work hard enough, good things will happen for you — probably not that great, but, hopefully, you’ll make it through.

I went to Brazil and I saw energy. I experienced energy. I had experiences I had never even conceptualized. From that experience, I knew: “Whoa, there’s way more going on here.” The way I’d been living my life, like writing a list of what I want my partner to look like and my list of what I wanted my business to look like, was just scratching the surface of what we’re capable of.

I came back a totally different person. All of my relationships changed. I moved to Kauai. I wrote my first book there. Everything just started shifting for me, because now I know something that I’d never known before, which is there is so much going on around us all the time that we don’t even see, but that we can actually work with and that will support us in having the life of our dreams. And we don’t have to burn ourselves out doing it.

Jasper:  I came across psychic surgery when I read about Edgar Cayce. He used to be able to diagnose people’s illnesses from however far away he was. He laid down on his couch, went into a trance, and was able to psychically go in and diagnose exactly what was wrong with them. All he needed was their name and their address. Learning about that was exciting for me, because it proved that there really is magic in this world.  And it’s all to do with energy. It’s tied into the physics of it, with things like string theory, so it was really exciting for me to discover that.

Heather:  Yes, me too. It’s incredible. Life really becomes so much more magical when we realize that. I have clients all over the world now. I have their name and their permission, and you can tap in once you have that and the permission to go in. There’s so much that’s possible. I just did a full remote session on a client who had a Lupus diagnosis. We did one session. She went back to her doctor: there’s no more Lupus in her system. We really can live our life at this totally different level when we’re working with energy.

Jasper:  That’s probably something the insurance companies are not going to want to hear about.

Heather:  But it really has the possibility to take us all higher. Even the insurance companies can get something amazing from this.

Jasper:  How did you take this new-found knowledge and completely different way of thinking about the world and create a business out of it?

Heather:  It was an evolutionary process, because I still had a lot of my mind stuff that couldn’t quite wrap around what was happening, so it was step-by-step. I started coaching, and with my coaching, working became more holistic. My clients started having better success. I wanted to go in deeper. I got introduced through a series of synchronicities to a modality called BodyTalk, which is an energy medicine. We’re working with quantum physics and tapping into the field using an intuitive process, so it just started building slowly. Once I transitioned fully out of coaching into just doing soul alignment work, which is what I now call it —”BodyTalk Work” — that’s when my clients’ lives started dramatically shifting and my own life started dramatically shifting in a way that I could not have anticipated, because Body Talk is traditionally a healing modality, so you use it if you’re sick.

Then I started working with folks from a place of “You’re not sick. Let’s see where you want to take your life?” We started focusing on their money story and their love stories and their health and their fitness, and started just addressing things from a more holistic, total perspective. We’re communicating with their soul in those sessions. That’s when things really started shifting, and I noticed that as I continued to do my spiritual work, my business started accelerating.  Pretty soon I was booked out with a wait-list-only practice. Then I started doing groups so that I could serve more people. Things just really started evolving. And I know the big pieces, because I am fully 150% committed to my own spiritual and personal development — and that’s what allows me to be successful in my busin67uess.

Favorite Book: The Zahir (and other books) by Paulo Coelho

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Heather Strang’s Top Tips For Finding Your Bliss

1)  You don’t have to find your passion – it is there – you just need to release the layers, the stories, that are repressing that passion and stopping you from finding it.

2) One of the simplest ways to find it is just to call it forth – out loud – “Show me the next step.” It starts with the willingness and openness to be shown.

3) A “crisis” is a call from your soul, saying “I need you to wake up!”

4) But it doesn’t have to be that painful.

“It is absolutely the greatest lie ever told that we are powerless, that we have to work at jobs we don’t like because we have to pay the bills — that is so far from the core of who we are … we ALL have the power to create the life of our dreams.”

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Heather StrangGuest – Heather Strang


Heather Strang is a spiritual teacher, author, regular contributor for The Huffington Post, Master Success Coach, and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Her books include “The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic” (currently being optioned as a feature-length film), “Following Bliss,” and “Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems.” Heather has been a featured speaker at the largest spiritual bookstore in North America—Banyen Books and Sound—as well as the largest metaphysical bookstore in the United States—New Renaissance Bookshop.

Heather became interested in holistic healthcare after using energy medicine to heal herself—first via John of God and then using BodyTalk. Heather now blends the power of BodyTalk, intuitive wisdom, positive psychology, the Law of Attraction, and John of God healing energy to facilitate a host of courses and soul alignment events. These events support individuals in claiming the power they have deep within their bodies to create an abundant and sexy life.

Heather holds a BS in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in English and Women’s Studies from Portland State University, and graduated summa cum laude. When she is not engaged in some form of work-play, you will find her meditating in her pajamas, dancing down the aisles of the grocery story, and/or exploring the possibilities of the Universe through books and travel. Heather currently resides in Portland, Ore. but is ready to go wherever her Higher Self takes her.

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