Gabrielle Couldn’t Find A List Of Telesummit Speakers – So She Created One Herself

Gabrielle SpencerWhat inspired me to start my business was my own frustration – something I think starts off a lot of businesses – because you see a hole – something that needs to be fixed. I have been a life coach for seven years, but my own business coach was telling me that I needed to go ‘bigger’. “You need to do a telesummit” they told me.

[A tele summit is where you have a number of speakers on one topic that people can access for a fee via a teleconferencing program like InstantTeleseminar or GoToWebinar that people can access via the phone or web. The speakers each promote the teleseminar to their list which means each individual speaker gains the attention of those that follow all the other speakers – its a great way to build your own email list quickly, and to build your reputation as an expert – especially if you manage to get onto a tele summit with a couple of ‘big’ names.]

They said I needed about 21 speakers, but I got to about 6 and then really struggled to find any others who really spoke to the message I was trying to get across. It was a frustrating process because half the time I wouldn’t get any call-backs, or no-one would reply to my email, or I would get a long form that they wanted ME to fill out, seeking to qualifying ME. It was frustrating and really more than I wanted to put into a telesummit. I wanted to get MYSELF out there – that was my end goal.

I thought, surely in this internet age I should be able to type into Google “telesummit speakers” – and just get a list of people who want to do tele summits, along with what their focus is and what they are talking about etc. And with that statement I thought “You know what? I’m going to do it.” And that was that!

It was amazing the opportunities that came to me just from advertising that I was holding a tele summit – and that was without having a Dr Oz, or John Gray type ‘name’ on the telesummit. I would get lots of emails from people who wanted to work with me, or joint venture with me – it opened up a whole new world for me. Even without the big names you can still make headway – and it is the little steeps in business that help you move up and up. We are making ripples, making connections and finding people with a similar view or heading in the same direction, and you can joint venture with them and help and support each other. Its so dynamic and so much fun.

The real insider secret is that it is not your credibility as a speaker that really counts – its twist you have in your own topic area. I had a girl who had never done a telesummit before – she came on the site and did two telesummits as a speaker and she was an instant hit – purely because her topic was very timely. I have had speakers with much more experience not get the same number of requests to speak – and I think that is because in some of those cases their topic has been over done – or they’ve given the same speech over and over – and that’s just not drawing the crowds that it once did – even amongst their own followers, who may have heard that speech ten times before. And that is precisely why you round out your panel of speakers with new blood.

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Gabrielle-SpencerGuest: Gabrielle Spencer – Expert Telesummit Speakers Bureau

Gabrielle Spencer was attempting to put together her own telesummit and realized that it was a lot of time and work to find expert speakers for her topic who wanted to speak on her telesummit. She became so frustrated that she gave up and felt that there had to be a better and more efficient way to find Telesummit Speakers. In fact, she felt that this was such a lack in the age of the internet that she put together the Expert Telesummit Speakers Bureau Directory to bring together expert speakers in all genres and event producers that are looking for them! The Expert Telesummit Speakers
Bureau is different from other speaker’s bureaus because event producers do NOT have to pay or access to the speakers nor do the speakers charge a fee for their telesummit speeches. It is a win-win for everyone!

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