Doug Herald – Employing Toyota’s Servant-Leadership Model in the Smallest of Businesses

doug-profDoug Herald has been in leadership for 26 years and is known for his employment of the servant-leadership model, that made Toyota so successful, in the companies he has worked for. Traditionally, people would think of his employees as working for him – but he sees his job as working for them. It is his job to see that they are successful. In the servant-leadership model you are always serving down – you serve those that are under you. Whatever their roadblocks are to success, Doug’s job is to help remove those roadblocks, to get them deeply engaged in what they are doing, treating them as the experts so that there is continuous improvement in the working environment as a whole. You make your workers successful and it makes the company successful – it speaks to the mutual prosperity of both employee and company.

Doug’s latest venture – – seeks to employee the servant leadership model right from the earliest stages – from the very first employee to the multi-million dollar enterprise he aims to create. Its about getting the foundational structure and the strategy right, he says. You have to have a good product, a good plan, a good process and good people is critical to be successful. Its much harder to go back and redo things once you have reached a certain level of success than it is to get those things done right from the beginning. You want something that is duplicatable so you can expand that solid foundation as the company grows.

You need to understand the “Why” – why are you in business – what are you doing it for? That’s the most important thing, followed by the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. That’s the having a good product, a good plan, a good process and good people part of it. It may cause a bit of short term pain in terms of the effort to get those things right at the start, but it will save you a whole lot of pain further down the road if you do.

Then you need to be constantly checking those things, because there is always going to be some minor adjusting along the way. We call it PDCAing it – Plan, Do, Check, Act – which forms a continual improvement cycle to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

Favorite book: I believe that continuous personal development is important, and I read probably 6 books a week – I have a 40 minute commute so I am constantly downloading books and listening to them on the way to and from work. But id I had to pin it down to just one I would say Drive by Dan Pink and Toyota Manufacturing’s “Start with Why”. Especially in business, you don’t have to be an expert in everything, but it is very useful to know enough to be able to hold your own, I think.

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doug-profGuest: Doug Herald – Time and Eternity

Doug has been in leadership for over 20 years. He has over 26 years experience in the Food Industry; first working with Sara Lee Foods, then The Wornick Co. and Zwanenburg Food Group USA. In November of 2013, after successfully incorporating a new Lean Manufacturing Operating System at Wornick Foods, Doug was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing at Wornick Foods. Throughout this career Doug has worked hard to make a difference in the lives of the people that he has worked for with a servant leadership style that drives deep employee engagement and continuous improvements. Doug has also recently joined the Board of Advisors for SeneGence International. Over the last 7 years Doug has invested heavily in personal and emotional research to drive personal improvement and now looks forward to sharing with people what he has learned. With a tremendous understanding of the completeness of life in every facet, Doug has a passion to teach the completeness of life and leadership through what he calls, “Touching People for Time and Eternity.” He has started a personal, professional and organizational development company called, “Time and Eternity,” to do just that.
Doug was born and raised on a family owned farm in Grant’s Lick, Kentucky. Doug has been married to Tammie (Sebastian) Herald for 26 plus years and they have three daughters.

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