Diane Young Sussman on the Importance of Connecting Mind & Body in Business & in Life

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diane-Pro-2011-MirrorI actually started out as a dancer. I moved to New York when I was 21 and pretty soon after I started experiencing some lower back pain and it was effecting my dancing and my career as a choreographer. Then I discovered the Alexander Technique. It was bringing so much awareness back to the self, back to the body, that after the first lesson I wanted to become a teacher. It allowed me to change my tension habits – that residual tension that we are not really aware of.

Later, when I started working with women who needed to present themselves well, like on stage or in networking meetings. I realized that there was a missing piece there, in terms of awareness of the body – learning how to be easy and confident with yourself, learning how to use your voice a little bit differently – it all just opens you to a wonderful kind of energy and magnetism.

Where people in business get stuck is that they don’t realize that they are holding in a lot of residual anxiety. The part that allows yourself to be present, and powerful, and vulnerable, and allows you to speak from your authentic nature, gets lost in that moment of having to prove yourself – present yourself. If we can keep the body in mind more – keep that sense of breath flowing – being grounded, and really expanding into the space – and allowing for that true connection between one person and another, that’s going to go a long way. Somebody is going to become a lot more interested – not even necessarily in what you say – but in the way that you bring your enthusiasm and passion and love forward.

All of those qualities that are physical are also psycho-physical – so it doesn’t matter whether you are communicating face-to-face or via an email, those same qualities are still transmitted. The intuition comes in much more deeply when you do and you gain more and more trust in that. The process which I take my clients through is very much a blending and a unity of both the physical and the emotional. You can’t separate the mind from the body. When you get the flow right between the two, the flow in your business happens much more easily too.

Favorite Book:  Debbie Ford’s  21 Day Consciousness Cleanse

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Favorite Resource: Body, Breath and Being – Carolyn Nichols



Guest: Diane Sussman – Soul Connection Coaching


Diane Sussman is a Body Transformation Coach and Mindset Mentor to women artists, healers and Entrepreneurs, helping them to clear the physical and emotional blocks to standing strong in their brilliance and bringing their work into the world in a clear and confident way. She has been working for more than 25 years as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique and Energy Healer, and uses her depth of knowledge of the body and free movement as a base for teaching how to stand on any stage or be in any networking meeting. and bring the best of their beauty and authenticity with them. Diane is a creative and enthusiastic speaker and workshop leader that inspires women to reach for the best next step in fulfilling their soul-ful work in the world.

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