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Do you still ask yourself – “What do I want to be when I grow up”?  Are you over 30?   I think everyone is born with a talent or spark – it’s just a matter of finding out what that might be.   Our guest today is Corbie Mitleid.  Corbie is a full time intuitive counselor who uses her gifts to help people find theirs.   In today’s interview, she shares the fascinating story of how she came to work full time as a psychic intuitive.  She also gives some tips on how you can find your own sentence of passion.

Corbie’s 5 Tips:


Today we are interviewing Corbie Mitleid, who is a full-time intuitive counselor and psychic medium. And before that, she has had many careers including professional actress, published author, video producer, radio personality, executive recruiter, and the power behind the throne to a number of high profile CEOs and attorneys. And her interview was really interesting because she gave a lot of really good insights both into pursuing a career as a psychic and what you need to do within yourself to do that, and also how to use an intuitive consultant as an aid toward building your own business. All right, Corbie, tell us a little bit about your story and how you came to be teaching what you teach to people online.

Corbie: The thing that I tell everybody, and I mean it, I’m not special. You can do what I do. It’s a matter of what’s your sentence of passion. Can you flip your circuit breaker so that everything flows?

How I got into this, the 30-second spiel that everybody wants to know, I read a book called “The Witch Family” by Eleanor Estes when I was nine, and instead of thinking, “Ooh, that’s scary,” or “Hahaha,” I thought, “And your point is…?” I knew there was magic in the world and I wanted some. In 1973, I was a senior in high school working part-time at Spencer Gifts and “Live and Let Die” came out. Jane Seymour was Solitaire, the tarot reader, and Spencer Gifts had the James Bond 007 tarot deck and I bought it. I mean we were all hippies then. For 20 years, I read for friends, but I was keeping my ego out of the way to be a clear channel. All of a sudden in 1994, I could do hands on healing and talk to dead people with no training, and I’d like to say that’s when God said, “Hello. Greetings! You’re drafted. You’re working for me.”

So I did this part-time. I had been an actress, a published author, an inspirational speaker, a video producer, right hand to more CEOs and lawyers I care to think about, executive recruiter for engineering and manufacturing, but at all times, I lived what I call my sentence of passion, “Cross the bridge from fear to fearlessness and fly.” This has gotten me through divorce. It’s gotten me through dancing with breast cancer three times, always there. 9/11, when the towers fell, I looked at my husband Carl and I said, “I got to do this work full time. People need to know there’s something else out there.” And he looked at me and said, “I’ve been carrying the house for years before I met you. I believe in you. Go do it.” So for a year, I did what I called “grafting on”. I still worked 70 hours a week as the executive recruiter, but evenings and weekends I found all of the expos I could do, the parties I could do, the on-on-one consults.

When I knew, after a year, I can make this work, I said, “Goodbye, office,” and took off. That was in 2002-, 3, and here we are 11 years later, I have international clients, I’m in books, I have my own radio show, I read 1200 people a year, and I get to get up every morning. I don’t have to get up every morning. And what I’ve done, you can do. I’m telling that to every single person who’s listening.

Jasper: So how do you think people go about finding the spark in them that is what it is they are meant to do? Because not everyone’s meant to do what you do, obviously, even though everyone can make a success like you’ve made, it’s obviously going to be in different things, right? So where do you go about finding that spark?

Corbie: I tell people they need to find their sentence of passion. And your sentence of passion is not who you are or what you do or even how you do it. It’s your vapor trail. It’s the legacy you leave behind in every encounter you make. So basically, when you go skidding into heaven on bald tires and fumes in the tank and God hands you a beer and says, “So?” You get to say, “This. I did this. Isn’t it cool?” And it doesn’t matter what your job is.

My sentence of passion, “Cross the bridge from fear to fearlessness and fly.” When I can take somebody from point A to point B, when they thought they couldn’t make it, when I tap them on their shoulder and say, “Here are your wings. You don’t need a flight plane. Git!” I’m doing what I love, I’m doing what I’m meant to do. And I’ve been able to do it in all of those different careers. So what I tell people they need to do is really sit down and like the old Shakespearean saying, “Know thyself.”

I do an hour and a half consultation with people where we asked questions like, “Do you run towards change or away from it and why? What are your strengths: people, animals, techno? Where do you find your heart?” And it’s literally a two-page questionnaire that looked — the questions look very disjointed, but people have said, “It looks simple, but then I really had a hard time answering it.” And that’s because we are not encouraged to look at ourselves, to honor ourselves, to love who we are, and say whatever we’ve done is valuable.

So when you find that sentence of passion, when you see the themes, whether it’s constantly helping others, whether, like me, it’s inspiring and making people laugh at the same time, if it’s feeding people, if it’s justice, then that’s how you get hold of what you can do best, because it will always be an exploration, an adventure. It’s never gonna be, “Oh my God, what do I have to do today,” which is what happens when you’re in the wrong place with somebody else’s passion.

Jasper: Right.

Meredith: So Corbie, how does your intuitiveness help in that process? I mean, we talk to a lot of coaches who use different techniques to achieve the same thing, but obviously, you have a very particular approach and insight into what you do. So how does that differ from a normal coach in terms of that intuitive side?

Corbie: I get out of my own way. I very often will tell people when they ask me questions in an intuitive session about their career, I tell them right off the bat, “Look, I used to be an executive recruiter. If you don’t mind, I’m going to use the left half of my brain as well as the right half. The right half is the wicky woo, the left half is logic.” I do something called “Brainstorm Your New Age Business.” I have a real talent for just downloading the name of their business, what their tagline is going to be. Part of that is because I’m a writer, but part of that is because I see their business before they do.

When they have their sentence of passion, I ask questions that I am moved to ask by, if you will, their upstairs crew, their guides. And again, it’s not a matter of — it’s very non-directed. I don’t want them to say, “See. This is what you should be doing.” But basically, it’s a method that I learned in the Option Institute, where I am just a clear mirror. A lot of times, what they want they will not be able to find through their own beliefs, because they block themselves. So I get the message from upstairs, “Ask this. Ask this. Ask this.”

And being an intuitive consultant, when you know you cannot let your ego get in the way, you have to stay clear. You have to stay objective. You have to stay universally compassionate. It allows you to help them find themselves, trust themselves. Being an intuitive consultant, everybody thinks, “Oh, you know more than I do,” or “You know things I couldn’t.” Perhaps in the moment I do. You will be able to find that out yourself, but I will tell you what your guides want you to hear, even if it’s not what I personally would recommend.

I know that I can do this because when we were working, Rob Schwartz and I, on his second volume “Your Soul’s Gift,” there is a chapter in there on miscarriages and abortions, and how that plays out in one’s soul journey. And I channeled the higher self, the soul of the woman who have had several miscarriages and wanted to understand why. I listened to the tape later. That’s not how I think at all, but it was clearly what her soul wanted her to know.

It’s the same thing here. If I get a sense that someone needs to hear a direction to take or a part of their life they haven’t addressed, even if it hasn’t been discussed before, I will just open it up. And they’ll say, “How do you know about that?” And I’ll say, “I got told. I downloaded.” So while a lot of the work is very left brain for them to do, but heart-centered because they have to inspire themselves, I will let them know what perhaps has been blocked for them, because they’re so busy telling themselves what they can’t do, they can’t hear the voice from their guides about what they can.

Favorite Book: The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes

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1200-x-1369-ma-feathersGuest: Corbie Mitleid – Fire Through Spirit

Corbie Mitleid has been on the mystic’s path for over 40 years — meeting challenges, always questioning, leading the “examined life.” It’s proved to her an essential Cosmic Truth: God gives all of us what we need for a life filled with miracles and joy, and as long as our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with our Source Energy, anything is possible. (And it never hurts to bring laughter on the path with us!) If she can share that blessing with you, she feels she’s doing things right.

Her “Passion title” is Director of Manifestation and Vision: while she’s now a full time intuitive counselor and psychic medium, her career has encompassed positions as a professional actress, a published author, a video producer, a radio personality, an executive recruiter and the “power behind the throne” for a number of high-profile CEOs and attorneys.

Corbie knows what it is to live life on a roller coaster with no brakes: she’s survived divorce, abuse, poverty and life-threatening illness, always maintaining her strength, courage and humor. “We have opportunities we can go after, and challenges to get past,” she says firmly. “As a three-time breast cancer dancer (because I do a lot more than just survive!), I learned that first-hand. My job is to give you the tools and courage to deal with both situations. Everything else is free will, and up to you!”

Corbie Mitleid is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader (through the Tarot Certification Board of America); Certified Psychic (through the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums); member of the American Tarot Association and the Professional Association of Intuitive Consultants and ordained minister of the Sanctuary of the Beloved (Order of Melchizedek). Her work is showcased in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, encompassing YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and the upcoming third volume in the series. Corbie speaks and counsels on her radio show FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT on Empower Radio; at holistic expos, seminars and workshops throughout the US and Canada; and in one-on-one sessions with clients worldwide. Corbie Mitleid has been reading since 1973.

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