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MG_7886I was working in the IT field as a systems administrator for the past 14 years – but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in what I was doing. Even though I had the dream house, I was driving a BMW, I had all the “stuff”. But I felt that I wasn’t really doing anything with my life.

What changed things for me was when I got together with a life coach. A friend had suggested that if I wanted change in my life then going to a life coach would probably be helpful. She pulled out of me that I wasn’t believing in myself. All my confidence was tied up in the paycheck. I started planning to build up a bit of a nest egg for 3 months and then leave my job and start up my own business.

June 21st, 2013 I was out walking my dog and thinking ‘how can I make this happen faster’ – I have always been a good employee so it wasn’t likely I’d be fired, but it would be a different matter if I got laid off and got a severance pay out, that would be cool. And I went into work that morning, and there was something weird in the air. My boss calls me into his office and says he has to lay me off – the company is growing so it is totally unexpected – so I m sitting there smiling and my boss doesn’t get why I am so happy about being laid off. So I had to stop and tell of this thought that I’d had that very morning – and it had to be the biggest sign in the world.

So I left – and I was scared – but I was also excited at the same time that I was going to go after my dream of being an entrepreneur. And, at the time, I was actually going to go after my photography. But in pursuing that I was talking to more and more people who wanted to leave the corporate world and wanted to know how I did it by creating systems and positive habits in my life.

To me, a lot of what stops people from being able to do things, whether its losing weight or starting a business, is their attitude. They think they can’t do it so it stops them from trying, where in a lot of cases all they need is a positive attitude and to take the first step.

The ‘failure mindset’ stops a lot of people from trying. People think failure is a bad thing. But if people can flip that and see failure as part of the process they can build that into the whole process. So, for example, if you were going to build a shed in your backyard, and in order to that there were say, 10 steps – laying the foundations, building the framework, putting on the walls, putting the roof on, putting the door on etc etc. But, during that process, you are going to have some sort of failures. So what I am saying is that you should build those into the process from the start – so instead of 10 steps you have 14 or 15 steps – that way, when a failure happens, it doesn’t become a “losing” situation, its just one of the steps in the 15 steps process to getting the shed built.

People think you have to do things in a perfect order, and that’s just not how life is. By including failures in your process you are setting yourself up for success. It is only by failing that we learn, but you don’t have to think of it as “failure” and all that it implies psychologically, it becomes just part of the path to success. I also find that meditation is really good in helping you to become more conscious of how things are affecting me and recognizing it. It also gives me a lot more focus.

Favorite Book: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
It walk through all the steps of opening a new business – anyone thinking of starting their own business should read this book first.

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Resource: – Pat Flynn’s podcast

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MG_7886Guest: Bradley Thomas – Bradley Thomas LLC

After working 14 years in IT the corporate world Bradley was laid off and started his journey into being an entrepreneur. Now he is taking the lessons he learned in making an effective transition and is teaching them to others to help them discover a more fulfilling, purpose driven and passion-filled way of life.


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