Business Process Blueprint

You hired a coach …. and got a strategy – check

You hired a coach …. and fixed your mindset – check


Did your coaches tell you exactly what you need to do to implement the plan?

m-headshot-sq-300x293You now have a giant to do list.  Create a freebie, start having teleseminars, do a google hangout, make appointments for strategy sessions. follow up, create invoices, getting referrals, etc..  Did they show you how to do those things?   No?

“Or, you are sitting with a huge todo list: create an opt-in, write an e-book, start having teleseminars, do a google hangout, make appointments for strategy sessions, create invoices, get referrals and testimonials.

Either you are overwhelmed, or don’t have the support in knowing the EXACT steps for how to roll all these things out.

So, you hire a virtual assistant and expect her to figure it all out.  Trouble is, she can do individual pieces -but she needs a lot of help in figuring out how they all fit together.  You don’t have time to help her – you need to be working with your clients and making sales not figuring out which tools to use.

The problem is… you are missing half of the equation.   To have a successful business you need to have a sound strategy … but you also needa  “rubber meets the road” business process blueprint to make it happen. 

Did you ever wish you had your own-personal geek guardian angel to help you pull it all together?  

Relax… I can help you get all of your online ducks in a row, swimming the same direction.  You’ll be making your customers happy (because you are dropping fewer spinning plates)  and making more money  (because your customers are happier) with a lot less stress and overwhelm (because you aren’t spending time worrying about “how to’s”.

All you need is a plan… and I can help you.

I have been an online business manager and marketing consultant for the past 7 years.  I draw on that experience plus my 15 years of public relations experience (I won national awards for my innovative public information campaigns).  to help to streamline, simplify and create a blueprint that works for your business.

More money, less stress, happier customers, what’s not to love?

Introducing the Business Process Blueprint.

Let’s work together to create an easily to implement blueprint to help you make more money from your passion based business.

Like any machine, your marketing will only work as well as it’s weakest link. And, often the weakest link is not what we think it is.  Why waste money on tactics and tools that won’t work?  I can help you find and create a step by step blueprint to find and fix your marketing weak links and get your whole marketing automation system up and running efficiently again.

The blueprint session can help you get your business off the ground – or help you to move your existing business to a new level. Here’s what you get:

1.  You’ll start by filling out an in depth business discovery questionnaire.  We’ll learn about your goals, we’ll look at your website, sign up for your e-mail list, get a feel for you and your current marketing strategy.

2. We’ll meet via phone and screenshare to create your step by step blueprint  We’ll discuss what works and what doesn’t work.  As we go through your questionnaire together,  we’ll create a blueprint of both low-hanging fruit and longer term projects to automate your marketing, save time, and make more money in your business. If you are brand new, we’ll create a system for you and I will give you my very best recommendations for the tools and technology you need.  Having these resources laid out for you can potentially save you thousands of dollars and months of wasted effort. Screenshot 2014-07-05 16.35.06 During our session we’ll review:

  • Your complete funnel from VIP program to free opt -in (this is important -your customers always need a next step)
  • Your ideal client profile (you cannot market effectively unless you have this nailed)
  • Your website and social media properties
  • Your lead generation strategy
  • Your sales strategy
  • Your customer “wow” strategy
  • Testimonials and Referrals
  • Your Upsell Strategy
  • Your Tracking Systems and Metrics

Once we’ve gone through the process and identified the weak cogs in your machine, we’ll hand select people and tools from our extensive rolodex to help you get started.

3. After the call, you’ll get a recording of our session together plus access to our “virtual sticky board”  – so, you can refer to your blueprint again and again as you build your lean, mean marketing machine.

Special Bonuses

  • Screenshot 2014-07-05 16.37.5390 days of follow up e-mail support – Have a question about your plan?  Looking for just the right tool or resource to help?  Just send us an e-mail and ask.  We are happy to help.
    • A google calendar with your step by step plan  It’s easy to plan and dream – sometimes it’s harder to put your plan into action.  In addition to your “virtual sticky board” on Trello (a free and robust project management system), you’ll get a google calendar with each step you need to take to implement your blueprint over the next 90 days.
  • 2 additional “show me” sessions  Accountability is the key to success.  I don’t want to give you a plan and not have you implement it.   The blast off blueprint includes 2 additional “show me” sessions – where you can show off what you’ve accomplished and get additional help and coaching.

Wow… This sounds great.  How much?

I am committed to helping you create a passion based business… having a blueprint to work from will save you months of time and thousands of dollars (because you won’t be investing in bad tools and advice or chasing shiny objects).

Launch Special… Save $900 And Double Your Results.

At $997,  the Funnel Blueprint is one of the best tools and tactics coaching values you’ll find. But, I’m about to make it even better.

For a Limited Time… sign up for the Funnel Blueprint and get access to my new mastermind program for 6 months for free. 

Ever wish you had a geek in your back pocket – who you could ask questions like:

  • What autoresponder service should I use?
  • I’m doing a webinar – how do I do that again?
  • Something odd is happening with my computer…
  • I need to do a podcast – where can I find people to help with that?

We’ve got you covered.  As a mastermind member, you’ll have access to a facebook group where we will answer your questions and point you to to the right tools and resources.  (This is not on-call technical support – and we don’t fix things for you – but we can show you how, or point you to the right resource.

You’ll also get weekly accountability check-ins if you want them, a monthly small group coaching call (no more than 4 people) and a large group hot seat call each month…  This is a beta program launching for $150 a month.  You get 6 months free if you buy the blueprint before September 24.

As a mastermind member, you’ll have access to two coaching calls a month.  One call will be a small group coaching call (no more than 4 people).  The second call will be a larger Q&A call.  You’ll also have unlimited access to a coaching Facebook group.

Optionally, you can have one team member join the group in addition to you.  They’ll have a place to go to ask questions – and get more done.

Yes, Meredith – Help Me Blast Off!


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Funnel Blueprint (Full Pay)
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Funnel  Blueprint (Monthly)
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $335.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2) $335.00 USD
Total $1,005.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Here’s what people are saying:

Janet PowersMeredith Eisenberg is one of the most creative people I know…she can create amazing sales pages, email copy, marketing material – her creative, business writing skills are like none I have ever seen before – and it is time for you to see it for yourself too. Connect with Meredith and tell her how you are promoting your programs and products – I am sure she will have some ideas for you. I will be shocked if you don’t end up hiring her on the spot and then making sales because of her creative copy and ideas! (P.S. She is my go to person for creative sales content – she is sooo good at this – contact her today)” Janet Powers Chief Executive Connector

Laura Valenti Jelen - PhotographerThanks for the lovely Skype chat this morning! I have a full page of notes and am raring to go with new plans and ideas. Meredith and Jasper are treasures! I had a consulting session with them this morning and I’m filled with new plans and ideas. Not only are they a great resource for SEO and website help, they are also full of advice for marketing web-based businesses. They are the full package deal! I highly recommend a session with Meredith and Jasper if you are not sure where to start with your website or marketing. I was feeling a little stuck before working with them, and now I’m moving full steam ahead! Thanks again! Laura _______ Laura Valenti Jelen


About Meredith

Meredith Eisenberg

Meredith Eisenberg is  founder of the Launch Ladies and co-host of Paycheck to Passion.  She is a true geek girl and loves trying out and using new online tools. (If the tool is out there – chances are she has used it)  Even more than getting to play with new stuff online, Meredith is passionate about helping business owners find just the right tools for them.  Meredith has 7 years of experience helping entrepreneurs create profitable product and programs.



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